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     Welcome to the site for the Totham Flyer aero engined car

The story of how The Totham Flyer came to be built is a not very exciting  in itself, but the design and build threw up some quite unique and interesting problems.


  It all started when a friend of mine happened to mention that he was  going to sell his Rolls Royce Meteor engine, he had  bought it from a military surplus dealer as a fully REME rebuilt and crated  engine.

   At the  time I was the owner of both a RR Merlin and a RR Griffon aero engine, that I had rebuilt and trailer mounted for ground running, so it made sense at the time to buy the Meteor because in many ways it is a non super charged Merlin, adapted for use in a number of Military applications such as The Cromwell,  Challenger and not least the mighty Centurion and Conqueror  main battle tanks.

   I had the engine in storage for a number of years until an associate  of mine asked if I would consider reworking the engine and sell it to him for  possible use in a wheeled vehicle of some kind.

Having given it some thought I  felt that it could be a project that I would like to under take in its entirety, and so the head scratching began.


I will try to tell the story of the Totham Flyer using many of the hundreds of photos that I took during the build.